Tin tie bags, also known as coffee bags with tin ties, are a popular type of packaging used in the food industry, particularly for storing coffee, tea, and other dry food products. They are made of a combination of materials that provide both barrier properties and a convenient way to reseal the bag after opening.

Key features of tin tie bags:

Material: Tin tie bags are typically made of a multi-layered construction that includes paper, plastic, and a metal tie. The paper provides a natural look and can be customized with branding and designs, while the inner plastic lining ensures the bag is airtight to preserve the freshness of the contents.

Tin Tie Bag: The unique feature of these bags is the tin tie, which is a thin metal strip coated in plastic. It is attached near the bag’s top, providing a simple and effective way to seal the bag after each use. The tin tie can be folded over the bag’s opening multiple times, effectively closing it without the need for additional sealing equipment or accessories.

Airtight Seal: The combination of the tin tie and the inner plastic lining creates an airtight seal when folded over, preventing air and moisture from entering the bag and keeping the contents fresh for an extended period.

Reusability: Thanks to the tin tie’s resealable nature, users can open and close the bag multiple times without compromising the seal. This makes tin tie bags convenient for consumers who want to access the contents frequently while maintaining freshness.

Customization: Tin tie bags can be easily customized with various sizes, colors, and designs to suit branding and marketing needs. RubeeFlex Packaging can offer a range of customized designs, to stand out in comparison with the competition.

Applications: While they are commonly used for coffee and tea packaging, tin tie bags are also suitable for other dry food products such as nuts, dried fruits, snacks, cookies, and more.

Environmentally Friendly Options: Some tin tie bags are made with eco-friendly materials, such as biodegradable or compostable films, to align with sustainability efforts and reduce environmental impact.

Now that we have understood the options for keeping our coffee fresh, we would now concentrate on the points to brewing a cup of coffee like never before.

Let’s Count The Steps of Brewing an Excellent Cup of Coffee

Quality Coffee Beans: Start with high-quality, freshly roasted coffee beans. Look for beans roasted within the last few weeks for the best flavor.

Grind Fresh: Grind your coffee just before brewing. This helps preserve the flavors and aromas of the coffee.

Water Quality: Use clean, filtered water to brew your coffee. The water’s mineral content and taste can significantly affect the flavor of the coffee.

Brewing Method: Choose a brewing method that suits your taste preferences. There are various methods like pour-over, French press, espresso machine, and more. Each technique offers a different flavor profile.

Water Temperature: Ensure the water temperature is appropriate for your brewing method. Generally, between 195°F to 205°F (90°C to 96°C) is considered optimal.

Brewing Time: Brewing time can vary depending on the method. For example, pour-over might take 2-4 minutes, while espresso extraction can take around 25-30 seconds. Experiment to find the right brewing time for your taste.

Coffee-to-Water Ratio: Adjust the coffee-to-water ratio to suit your preferences. A common starting point is around 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water.

Keep Equipment Clean: Regularly clean your coffee maker or equipment. Residue and oil buildup can affect the taste of your coffee.

Experiment and Taste: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different beans, grind sizes, brewing times, and methods to find what you like best.


Tin tie bags have become a popular choice for packaging due to their user-friendly design, ability to maintain product freshness, and the convenience they offer to consumers when accessing and resealing the contents.

The ease of resealing the contents makes tin tie bags popular with consumers. RubeeFlex Packaging is a known manufacturer of tin tie bags in the United States. All our packaging materials are certified to be food-safe and can be used for various edible products.

The food packaging market is an ever-evolving market with a shift toward high-quality materials. Consumers are now choosing a well-packaged product and are ready to ditch their regular products for a pricier one. The thing is that consumers are prepared to pay the price for a product that attracts consumers.

The manufacturers have now very well understood this attraction game. The manufacturers are now getting high-quality packaging with certification from the Food Safety Department. Packaging that has certification from Food Safety Department gets preferred by consumers as well as by retailers.


Side seal pouches are a type of flexible packaging commonly used for packaging various products. They are constructed from a single flat sheet of flexible material, usually made of materials like plastic or aluminum foil, which is folded and sealed on the sides to form a pouch.


The primary feature of side seal pouches is that the seals are located on the sides of the pouch, leaving the top and bottom edges open for filling and sealing. This design provides a secure and convenient packaging solution for various products.

Side seal pouches are often used in the food industry for packaging items such as snacks, confectionery, dry mixes, and pet food. They are also used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging pills, powders, and other small medical products. Additionally, side seal pouches are employed for packaging non-food items like cosmetics, personal care products, and small household items.

Several Advantages Side Seal Pouches

Versatility: Side seal pouches can be customized in terms of size, shape, and material to suit specific product requirements.

Barrier Properties: The materials used in side seal pouches can be selected to provide excellent barrier properties, such as moisture resistance, oxygen barrier, and light protection, ensuring product freshness and extending shelf life.

Visual Appeal: Side seal pouches can be printed with high-quality graphics and branding, enhancing product visibility and attracting consumer attention on store shelves.

Convenience: The pouches are typically equipped with tear notches or easy-open features, making it simple for consumers to access the product inside.

Cost-Effective: Side seal pouches are often a cost-effective packaging solution compared to other alternatives, such as rigid packaging.

Overall, side seal pouches are widely used for their flexibility, product protection, and branding opportunities, making them a popular choice for packaging various edible and consumer goods.

RubeeFlex Packaging’s Initiative

RubeeFlex Packaging is a certified company known for producing food-safe certified packaging with the latest designs and materials. RubeeFlex Packaging can provide the latest materials and designs, with certification from the Food Safety Department. We are a leading supplier for the manufacturers of edible items. Rubeeflex Packaging is known for sustainable packaging and offers the latest designs and customized solutions for each company’s market needs.

Foil films are the most budget-friendly packaging idea. This has been used for small & low-budget products like chocolates, snacks, and small stationary items like pens, etc. With single-use food and beverage products, Foil Films Packaging is an essential element that cannot be overlooked.

Manufacturers are strategizing a product’s packaging design in a way to keep the costs in check and do not compromise on the attractiveness or sturdiness of the packaging. Manufacturers in the past used to rely on heavy-gauge foils and that reveals that this method has been in use for many decades but has upgraded in recent times according to the trends and requirements.

This is the reason why so many snack food and stationary manufacturers today are discovering multi-layered films or foils and making the switch. To help manufacturers determine whether this switch is something that you should consider, we’ve highlighted four of the key advantages and consumer-driven benefits.

Easy Peeling

The food industry is a hygiene-sensitive area and consumers are known to prefer products that cannot be resealed as it avoids the room for accidental contamination. This is the reason that most of the snacks and chocolates are packed in such a way that they cannot be resealed once the outer film gets peeled off. The easy-to-peel feature with perforation marks is a preference for mid-range & expensive products while the basic range is still relying on a non-perforated variety of packaging films.

Content Safety

The safety of the contents inside is secure enough and generally, stick pack film laminations are less prone to shredding which can result in cuts and scrapes. This is the reason that foil films are a great option for kid-friendly snacks and products.

Product Quality Preservation

Aside from being safer for consumers, pouch film laminations are safer for your product’s quality, too. Its laminate structure is designed to eliminate puncturing and increase moisture and oxygen barrier protection. This helps keep your product stay fresher for longer.

Brand Integration

When it comes to printing or labeling, foil films provide an excellent canvas for branding, design, and even nutritional information. There are many custom color options available as well, to showcase your brand in a unique way.

Sustainable Advantages

Lastly, another key benefit to switching to a pouch film lamination alternative is that it makes much less of a negative impact on the environment. Due to its thin laminate structure, foil film lamination uses less plastic material than standard heavy-gauge packaging options, making it the preferred choice for environmentally conscious brands.


Foil films are growing and shall continue to evolve and get sophisticated in design. There are obviously some clear benefits to implementing this kind of packaging structure, but of course, there are several other factors businesses must consider.

RubeeFlex Packaging is a leading packaging manufacturer and is associated with some leading manufacturers to cater to their ever-increasing packaging needs. We use the latest food-grade material which is exclusive to a handful of packaging manufacturers globally. Rubeflex Packaging is a known pouch films laminations manufacturer and has a proven track of providing flexible solutions to product manufacturers.

A  high-quality product becomes popular among clients. But when a new product wants to establish its presence in the market, it needs to compete against established players. A new product can advertise itself on the shelves with attractive packaging. As consumers, we know that we’re often pulled toward products with attractive packaging.

Countering Competition

In this era of competition, manufacturers leave no stone unturned when it comes to staying up-to-date. Packaging is one such department and it needs to be upgraded every now and then. Apart from countering the competition, attractive packaging also refreshes the look of an existing product and attracts buyers who were loyal before, to other brands.

When buyers switch over from other brands, it increases the sales and profit of the manufacturer. This is why products such as food, household items, and beauty products are packaged in a way that differentiates them from their competition.

Attracting Consumers

Many products are recognized by their packaging style, color, graphics, or some other distinguishing feature. This is done to create a long-lasting impression on the consumer and helps a consumer remember the product the next time they need to purchase. This means a manufacturer can have loyal customers without much advertising, as the packaging itself attracts a customer base. This is how a product builds its identity in the market without much expenditure on marketing and advertising.

That is why we see many out-of-the-box ideas for packaging, using different sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. Primarily, food manufacturers are using this technique as the shelf life of a packaged food item is much shorter than other products in the market. A food item has a short period until its expiration date. Not to talk about Milk, bread, and processed vegetables which are products with very short shelf lives, but even most other food products also have a short shelf life, which means they must be sold during that time or else they will expire and become worthless. That is why most manufacturers come up with a new idea of food packaging or a completely new design of their food packaging bags every now and then.

Partner for New Food Packaging Bags

We at RubeeFlex Packaging are known for capturing a brand’s personality and purpose with customized packaging in every shape, size, and color. Our food packaging bags are foodsafe and leak-proof,  ensuring the contents stay fresh. RubeeFlex Packaging provides various customizations with the latest designs and materials. We cater to many industries, including food, beverages, spices, snacks, dry fruits, agriculture, and other edible products.

The packaging of a product is the first thing that gets into the eyes of a prospective buyer. The standard of the packaging helps a consumer to judge the quality of a product. Consumers used to pick the desired item from a store by visualizing the visual appeal of the packaging. Moving to the reputed leaders of the market, manufacturers never compromise on the quality of the product packaging. We are going to help you figure out how brands are targeting audiences by just improving the product batch.

The Role of Packaging

1. Packaging plays a very important role in the market. A manufacturer ensures the packaging is up to the market standards or else it will turn up the heat in surviving the market and its sentiments.

2. There is a sense that the fresh and appealing design of the packaging is attracting more customers. The higher attraction leads to higher sales and the brand starts to build up a sense of trust amongst users.

3. Established brands prefer sustainable packaging, as it will attract more customers due to the low carbon footprint. After all, the main aim is to get high sales from a product that is already having a decent number in sales.

4. Competitors are always on the lookout to edge ahead and the best way is to switch over to attractive packaging.

5. Packaging is an indicator of the product and this is because good packaging shall be preventing the product from getting spoiled.

6. Product packaging has become an important aspect of the advertisement. The brands are taking packaging as a way of effective advertisement.

7. There are manufacturers who are revising their product prices and at the same time are offering discounts so as to attract customers in the name of discount.

8. Innovation while designing packaging is one thing but there is an innovation on the material front too. The material of the packaging has to be sustainable at the same time.

9. The Material has to be recyclable or already recycled material. This keeps the costs low and manufacturers do get a benefit of tax from the Government.

10. If a product has a recyclable or recycled packaging material then it keeps the costs of manufacturing and attracts a niche clientele who are obsessed with green or sustainable packaging.

Food Safe Packaging

The basic requirement of any packaging is to protect the contents inside. The second requirement is to be food safe if the content contains food materials. The food industry has taken this into account and manufacturers are switching over to sustainable packaging. Flexible Pouch Packaging with the latest shiftable printing technique. The trend is certainly visible and is increasing at a constant pace.


Popular brands in the market are always on the lookout for the latest packaging ideas with innovative ideas to attract customers through designs and textures. Rubeeflex is a name that many manufacturers rely upon for their packaging needs. Rubeeflex is known for its food-safe Flexible Pouch Packaging at affordable rates to keep the cost of production in check.

The packaging industry is evolving at a rapid pace. This is creating competition among brands that offer similar products in a similar price range. Packaging suppliers are also taking various initiatives to promote themselves and are investing in the research & development of new packaging materials. The packaging suppliers who are not able to keep up with the market needs are being affected, as manufacturers are demanding the latest materials & designs — such as sustainable packaging.

Here are some of the latest sustainable packaging materials:

1.   Compostable Packaging

Compostable Packaging is made from materials that naturally decompose, without leaving any toxic residue behind. Compostable Packaging is made up of plant-based materials or bio-polymers. Since these are naturally-resourced materials, they are food-safe and break down in soil once discarded.

2.   Recyclable Packaging

As the name suggests, Recyclable Packaging is made up of recycled materials. This means that materials that were once wasted are being given a new life in the form of recyclable materials.

Recycling is a process that is environmentally friendly and budget friendly, as there is no need to invest in fresh, raw materials. Apart from the costs, it also prevents the over-burdening of landfills and prevents pollution, making it an ideal choice for green, sustainable packaging.

3.   Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated Packaging refers to box fibers that are sourced from trees. This is one of the oldest forms of packaging and is widely used in the packaging industry.

4.   Cellulose Packaging

Cellulose Packaging is retrieved from hemp, cotton, and wood. The material is biodegradable and is a sustainable alternative to plastic. The material is food-safe and is widely used by the food industry due to its moisture-resistant properties.

5.   Cornstarch Packaging

This can easily easily be figured out by its name as the material is made up of cornstarch. The material is biodegradable and free from toxins, making  it food-safe.

6.   Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper is derived from wood pulp including resinous pine. The material is waste that’s generated while manufacturing paper. This is one of the best materials for lightweight products and is sustainable as well.

7.   Green Cell Foam

Green Cell Foam is a biodegradable foam derived from corn. The material can decompose itself in soil and water, so it’s highly sustainable. The material is widely used for products that need cushioning.

Its popular among medicine manufacturers and other industries that need to transport fragile items like glass bottles.

Wrapping It Up

The packaging industry has evolved and more and more manufacturers are demanding sustainable packaging materials. There’s competition to project oneself as an eco-friendly manufacturer.

Rubeeflex Packaging is a name manufacturers trust. Rubeeflex Packaging is known for sustainable packaging and offers the latest designs and customised solutions for each company’s individual needs.


Sometimes a product’s packaging helps it become well-known. When placed on store shelves, the packaging of the products helps customers identify them. If you run a reputable business, you might be hesitant to try out novel packaging concepts. But since the rewards could be enormous, it’s worthwhile to take a chance. Let’s talk about the benefits below.

Unexpected Benefits of Using New Packaging Concepts

A new packaging will drastically change the way your brand looks and is likely to appeal to potential customers. There is a chance to have an impression thanks to the innovative and attractive designs that will draw in your current, devoted consumer base.

● Sustainability is one valid justification, as it upholds the change to broaden the engaging quality of an item that is now effective on the lookout. As of late there has been an extreme change in buyers’ mentalities toward a brand that is utilizing maintainable bundling arrangements. Subsequently, this significant pattern is a known component and is related with a positive effect on deals of an item.

● Execution of new innovation for the making of effective plans that could be utilized in practical packaging solutions. Dissimilar to the pre-advanced period, the bundling prints and plans were restricted and were excessively basic. There were relatively few decisions and makers were not quick to move up to new plans or utilize new varieties, essentially on the grounds that the item could lose its character.

Evolving Packaging Trends There are a few significant advantages that are really being attempted by different manufacturers all over the planet. Aside from the above reasons, it likewise helps in handling the negative exposure of an item started by some contender. Apparently, there are limitless benefits that come as a bundle with new plans and varieties. A brand essentially has to think about the most ideal decision from different others that anyone could hope to find on the lookout. This methodology will show what itself can do as spending plan cordial and will bring a decent profit from your speculation.

Pick a Packaging Manufacturer While pondering prints, plans, and examples for your item, do make sure to contact Rubeflex packaging. We are a main bundling maker and are related for certain driving producers to take care of their steadily expanding packaging needs. We utilize the most recent food-grade material which is selective to a modest bunch of packaging makers universally. Rubeflex packaging is a well-known Packaging Maker and has a demonstrable track record of giving adaptable answers for item producers who request the most recent material, plan, and an incentive for cash in a solitary go.


A large number of consumers are now looking for sustainable eco-friendly packaging, as the world is now getting aware of global warming. The fact is that awareness is on the increase and people are showing their interest in brands with eco-friendly products in their lineup. It is even hard to believe that people are also taking interest in the items packed with environment-friendly packaging materials.

If one is not convinced to make a shift to nature-friendly product packaging, take a look at the below-listed points. These points shall answer all your questions with practical & reasonable answers.

Reasons For Switching Over To Eco-Friendly Packaging

Primarily, the fundamental reason for switching over to sustainable packaging is the eco-friendly nature that helps in lowering the carbon footprint. This actually benefits nature and manufacturers can advertise their products as eco-friendly. This helps their products to get an edge over others and certify them as a trustworthy & eco-friendly manufacturer providing the latest tech in their products.

Secondly, waste disposal is hectic for a manufacturer as they have to abide by the ever-strict waste disposal rules. Switching to eco-friendly and biodegradable wrapping is a wise decision for the manufacturer as well as the buyer.

We have many examples right from a grocery delivery company to a big furniture company that has earned a tremendous amount of respect as well as popularity amongst its buyers as well as critics who are comparing them to their peers.

Most critics are praising the initiative as an eco-friendly move toward lowering the carbon footprint and helping mother nature breathe.

A Green Initiative By Brands

Many brands are taking initiatives and are taking steps to lower their carbon footprint. As a brand owner, you should take steps as this will help your sales touch north.

As these wise words “The Greener, the Better & Healthier” indicate that the future allows green products with a bright future. The green products will need green packaging solutions or else the purpose of turning a product into a green product dies.

Further, a green product attracts customer loyalty and it could be further incentivized by eco-friendly packaging. A few government organizations are offering subsidies or attracting lower taxes to products with sustainable green packaging. Apart from subsidies and lower taxes from the government, some private malls are offering benefits to the manufacturers to advertise their products on their shelves for free.


The list of benefits is endless for switching to green packaging. Manufacturers are switching to sustainable packaging due to government subsidies and ever-increasing stringent norms that are coming into effect so as to phase out the polluting products which depreciate the assets of mother nature.

Apart from the above benefits, sustainable green packaging is economical for manufacturers. There are myths that sustainable eco-friendly packaging is feasible for clothing ranges as they are not fragile and there is no question of contamination as in the case of food items. There are many food & beverage manufacturers who have taken a step forward into eco-friendly packaging.

Rubeeflex is taking this initiative of green revolution further and is helping various manufacturers with green packaging. Rubeeflex is a leader in eco-friendly packaging and can offer the maximum possible customizations and the latest designs in the green packaging industry. If you are actively looking for solutions for green packaging, then you can contact Rubeeflex to get a free quote customized for your needs.

Manufacturers used to focus mostly on the quality of products rather than the attractiveness of packaging. Lately, this trend has changed and manufacturers now create packaging that is reliable, but also attractive enough to boost sales.

Higher standards increase  competition. Therefore, the packaging industry is producing more attractive and reliable packaging solutions. When you’re in a mall or  grocery store, you’re drawn  to products with attractive packaging. In today’s market, it’s all about presentation. That is a determining factor for the number of sales. You may have seen products with distinctive packaging, which helps them stand out between other similar products.

Importance of Packaging

We, as customers, will avoid items in shabby packaging. The product we choose needs to please the eye first, and only then does the  brain make a decision over its purchase. The packaging enhances performance and at the same time, creates a brand presence in the market. The packaging, with its  design, color, and material, uncovers a product’s individuality. It enables a product  to shine, regardless of what other companies in the niche are offering. Packaging increases  the appeal of a product and marks its edge over others.

The market is currently flooded with flexible packaging manufacturers who offer high-quality materials. The varieties of packaging  is known to make a positive impact on sales. A manufacturer must work on  attractive packaging to draw potential customers to a product.

The Benefits of Flexible Packaging

  • Separate labels are not required as you can print directly on flexible packaging .
  • Flexible Packaging saves a lot of time and money.
  • Flexible Packaging needs fewer raw materials when compared with traditional options.
  • Flexible packaging is lightweight.
  • Flexible packaging requires minimal transport charges.
  • Flexible packaging attracts an audience to your brand.
  • Flexible packaging can be recycled easily.
  • Flexible packaging contributes to the environment.
  • Flexible packaging marks its focus on safety and quality.
  • Flexible packaging prevents contamination of food.
  • Flexible packaging helps brands survive amid  fierce competition.

Many manufacturers look for viable options for product packaging. Packaging manufacturers are offering more and more solutions these days, creating fierce competition in the market.

The competition gets even more fierce in food packaging materials, as it has to be foolproof. Rubee Flex is a known brand, providing various sorts of packaging solutions for food. To learn more about our products, let’s get on  a call. We’ll discuss how we can make your business flourish in the best way possible.

The evolution of packaging has been very much significant in the past few years. There have been a lot of brands that have revamped their identity by making a change in their packaging style. A few of them have brought a change in the shape or size and others have opted for different fonts and colors. Undoubtedly, these attract consumers and are helping many products increase in their annual sales figures. Eventually, for any kind of industry, the primary objective is to sell their items as much as they can, which will bring a difference in their yearly revenue generation. 

Apart from this ultimate goal, what else gets impacted by making a change in the packaging. Here, this post is published to mention them all. Thus, take a read and make a decision for your brand if it needs options for packaging solutions from the reputed Packaging Manufacturers.

Change in the attitude of consumers based on packaging 

As mentioned earlier, attractive packaging always gets the attention of consumers. Suppose, your potential buyer steps into the store. There are chances they are looking for an item of their choice but found out the interesting packed item of your business. Unquestionably, the fascinating design and color of the packaged product can incite curiosity to try and buy an article. Buying will not only make the purchaser know about the quality of products but probably also make them your permanent consumer. 

Clearly, this shift is easily achievable by making a slight intriguing change in the packaging style. Recent research has shown that 81% of consumers have chosen new items due to the packaging design. The numbers don’t lie and without a doubt, none of the brands would like to miss the opportunity of increasing their brand value in terms of consumer choice and revenue generation.


There has been a myth that the change in packaging solutions or revamping brands in terms of packaging material costs a lot. However, there are options that are cost-effective and also can be customized according to the budget. Therefore, making a choice from different types of packaging styles becomes easy for businesses. Enterprises irrespective of their sizes i.e. small, medium, or large can decide to revamp their product ranges to make a long-lasting impression or 

even for the resale purpose. 

There are paper, cardboard, polythene, or gusseted bags, boxes, and pouches solutions available by reliable packaging manufacturers. These and a few more are available in different price ranges which would fall into the business’s budget. Henceforth, revamping the brand in terms of packaging solutions is a cost-effective choice to make.

Environment friendly

Global climate change is in need of a drastic shift towards sustainable development. Lately, it has been observed that brands that are making environmental-friendly packaging choices are being preferred by many buyers. Consumers are driven toward brands that are selling their products using sustainable materials. People are becoming conscious about their choices and hence giving opportunities to businesses to change their packaging style. 

The stats state that the percentage of people choosing articles with environment-friendly packaging is 54%. The number indicates that any business would be losing a significant percentage of consumers if not opting for the sustainable packaging solution.

In a nutshell, in the span of fewer than 10 years many brands have revamped their packaging style with the aim of customer retention. Furthermore, there has been a change in the attitude of buyers when it comes to the product’s appearance. In addition to this, the evolution of packing material also seems that available options are budget-friendly. Thus, if any business wants to see the difference in the annual product sale and revenue choosing the best packaging manufacturer in NY can be the help. 

For multiple options, requirement discussion, or custom packaging needs to connect with the Rubeeflex packaging team.