Films & Laminations

Films & Laminations

Films & Laminations

RubeeFlex Packaging works on engineering and manufacturing foil laminations with specific properties. These advanced properties, used for foil films, pouch film laminations, and stick pack film laminations, are compatible with almost all edible items and  95% of chemical products.

Some of our Engineering Achievements in the Films & Laminations Industry:

➡Moisture Resistance
➡Oxidization Resistance
➡Low Coefficient of Friction
➡Neutral to Chemicals
➡Easy Tear Propagation
➡Resistance to Contamination

These achievements result from continuous research, testing, and development, helping us see how a product or ingredient interacts with the materials used in its packaging.

As a leading manufacturer, RubeeFlex Packaging is preferred by many manufacturers of edible items, beauty products, motor oil, and more. We’re sought out for consistently producing high-quality packaging laminations.

Our pouch film laminations are dependable, earning us a high customer satisfaction and retention rate.

RubeeFlex Packaging manufactures superior tear propagation, improving the consumer experience with our stick pack film laminations featured on many edible products.

Benefits for Manufacturers

Films allow a manufacturer to lower the cost of packaging by around 20%. They can also use 10-40% less packaging materials than they’d use with standard packaging. This helps manufacturers provide sustainability benefits due to source reduction.