Gusseted & Spouted Bags

Gusseted & Spouted Bags

Gusseted & Spouted Bags

RubeeFlex Packaging offers an extensive range of standing bags, gusseted bags, spouted bags, and side seal bags. RubeeFlex believes in advancing the packaging industry. We continuously work on improving quality and keeping prices in check so manufacturers can maximize their profits. Most of the bags mentioned above can be used and if fully approved for edible products, both in solid and liquid forms.

Standing Bags

Standing Bags are the preferred choice for edible product manufacturers. These bags can be easily displayed on shelves and are food-secure by nature.

With RubeeFlex Packaging, a manufacturer can opt for a zipper or tight grip seal — a perfect choice for a consumer. These reusability features make the bags worthwhile as consumers can use the bags over and over again.

Gusseted Bags

Gusseted bags are known for their durability and are the preferred choice for heat and moisture-sensitive edible items.

With RubeeFlex Packaging, a manufacturer can choose to have thickened side and bottom gussets to support bulky items. The heavy-duty nature of the gusseted bags makes them an ideal choice for high-capacity storage.

The rectangular shape of gusseted bags gives them the neat look of a box, with all the advantages of a bag.

Spouted Bags

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Spouted bags are mostly used for storing liquids. Spouted bags are essentially a variety of stand-up pouches with a capped spout for the pouring of liquid content.

RubeeFlex Packaging has mastered the spouted bags, offering a twist-open cap that can be resealed, keeping the contents fresh for the consumer. These bags are designed to hold a gallon of liquid and are far more durable than bottles made of plastic or glass.

3 Side Seal Bags

Side Sealed Pouches


3 Side Seal Bags are mostly used for storing edible items, medicines, frozen foods, snacks, and more. These are available in two, three, and four-sided-seal configurations, making them ideal for various sorts of content.

RubeeFlex Packaging offers various configurations for side seal bags with an option of press-to-close zippers. These bags are very cost-effective and are chosen for their flexibility in volume and capacity.