The Importance of Packaging

The Importance of Packaging

“Packaging is the art, science, and technology of designing and visualizing enclosing and protecting the products during transportation, storage, sale, and use “. Gone are the days when one would think that product is more important than packaging, as in these days there is a tough competing market out there which makes both the product and the packaging equally important to attract the customers. You can confidently say that beautiful packaging is the soul and identity of your product. The more attractive your product packaging is, the more it will attract the customers. It will glamourize your products. In today’s competitive market customers judge your products by how you package your products. If your packaging is bad customers will be hesitant to buy from you, so creating beautiful packaging for your products will not only entice the customers to buy your items, but they will also vouch for your products.

Function or Purpose:

The sole function or purpose of the product packaging is to protect your product from being damaged. It is meant to protect your product during the transportation from one place to another, or better said from manufacturer to retailer, but it also protects it all the way till and including on your customer’s shelves. Different products use different types of packages depending upon their nature, i.e. some would use boxes or cans while other items would use pouches.


Great product packaging makes your product super attractive to potential buyers. That’s why most of the companies these days conduct deep research on the product package design, color schemes and types of materials, and then decide what to be used.


These days packaging is increasingly used for brand positioning in this crowded market. When you use your logo, design theme, and other materials, it tells your brand story and helps in brand development.


The best thing about a beautiful product package design is that it can be used by marketers to persuade potential buyers to purchase a product. Most often it is designed in such a way so that it can communicate the brand’s message and identity. Mostly the brand’s logo and design themes are applied to the outer surface of the product packaging so that it can differentiate from the competitors.

Facilitates Purchase Decision:

Most of the product packaging we see today contain a lot more information about the product inside such as the ingredients used in that particular product and nutritional information that makes it super easy for the intended customers whether to buy it or not. This information on the outer surface of the product package helps in selling.

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