“Simply put, sustainability criteria are requirements to the sustainable quality of a product and its sustainable production, which have to be fulfilled to acquire a sustainability status or certification”.

In today’s dynamic and overcrowded market, sustainability and flexibility of packaging solutions i.e. pouches or bags is much needed to persuade the customers and cut the high production costs.

So here at Rubeeflexpackaging, we are committed to producing flexible, sustainable, recyclable and visually appealing packaging solutions for a wide range of businesses i.e. pharma and medical, foods and cold drinks, snacks, oil and lubes and much more that are eco-friendly.

In this article, we will dissect the top 8 tips criteria to determine the sustainability of flexible packaging.

First, the final packaging product should be safe, healthy and beneficial both to the consumers and the community throughout its life cycle.

Second, the packaging product should be made from eco-friendly materials so that there is a slim chance of harming the environment.

Third, the packaging product should be optimally designed to perfectly optimize both materials and energy.

Fourth, the packaging product should meet the market criteria both for performance and cost-wise to squeeze out the maximum benefit of it.

Fifth, the packaging product is manufactured using clean production technologies, processes and industry best practices complying with FDA rules and regulations.

Sixth, the final packaging product should optimize the very best use of recycled and renewable source materials.

Seventh, renewable energy should be the driving force for sourcing, manufacturing, recycling, and transportation of the final packaging product.

Eighth, the last but not the least, it has to be made sure that the final packaging product that can be a pouch, bag or some other type of packaging is recovered and utilized biological and/or industrial closed-loop cycles.

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