Small businesses often encounter many problems that they must tackle within their limited resources. They do not have large revenue streams to find viable solutions that will save them time and provide relief. These single-person owned businesses often employee less than 10 employees yet they can also range to small manufacturing companies that limit their employees to less than 500. The digital company appears as a savior as it has changed the world of print and how to print are approached by businesses. Traditionally, the help of printing plates that would use wet ink to transfer the image to the printing plates carried out printing. This process was often messy, did not allow for changes in the image to be made, required the printing process to be carried, by specifically trained personnel only, and was a lengthy process that required loads of time. The onset of inkjet printers allows for the image to be converted in the form of a digital context by the help of pixels and then transferred on any desired surface where it is needed. The inkjet printers, unlike their traditional counterparts, do not use liquid ink rather they convert the digitized image into dots of plastic powder that dries quickly leaving the printed product easy to handle.

The number advantage of digital printing has always been the ease of using this technology. Small business does not have the labor or resources to hire help for specific matters and most employees in small business wear many different hats. Thus, digital printing allows for changes in design to be made without the need to change a whole plate and simply, adjusting the image can allow for easy production of a new image. Digital printing also allows the work to be done from a remote location where the easy setup of inkjet printers can place. This provides flexibility and accessibility to the provider of the service that means a wide range of orders can be handled. It was the breakthrough of digital printing that allowed for the phenomenon, of direct mail, that revolutionized direct marketing techniques. The easy digital printing technique allowed for large quantities of data to be printed and categorized such as addresses and names. These direct mail catalogs gave the small businesses the power to compete with big giants and the glossy catalogs that would pull all the clients towards them. The impact of direct mail was big in comparison to the cost involved.

Perhaps the largest advantage of the technique had been the ability to produce personalized products that allowed customization. This even created a completely new industry i.e. the publishing industry as it allowed the publication of different materials at a break-neck speed. Personalization of products also gave an idea to a completely new niche where products had labels specifically designed for their customers. The major advantage that lies in digital printing is its cost-effectiveness- this allows for the production of posters, flyers, and pamphlets at a fraction of the cost they were previously being made at.

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