Wondering how flexible packaging can help in improved sustainability?

Here is the answer.

“Flexible packaging is any packaging container or pouch that can be readily shaped or changed using minimal resources having less impact on the environment”.

Flexible packaging is leading the way in today’s innovative packaging industry to develop better packaging solutions for any type of business, from food and drinks to pharma, medical, oil and lubes, personal care and many more. Flexible packaging results in sustainable packaging or sustainability which is the ultimate goal or hallmark so that to minimize the carbon footprint, use less energy and fewer resources but still effective in every aspect. Flexible packaging makes products convenient, enjoyable and safer for the consumers and provides enhanced sustainability throughout the entire life cycle.

Flexible packaging is beneficial both for consumers and manufacturers alike.  Here are some benefits for both of them.

Benefits for Consumers

  • Flexible packaging is lightweight, easy to handle, carry and store.
  • Flexible packaging extends the shelf life and reduces food waster due to its resealable top.
  • Flexible packaging offers high visibility due to its transparent windows.
  • Flexible packaging can be recycled or composted leaving zero waste in landfills.

Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Flexible packaging requires less raw materials and energy to produce thus reducing the overall manufacturing costs.
  • Less CO2 emissions are produced that makes it eco-friendly.
  • Flexible packaging reduces high shipping costs during transportation from one place to the other because fewer trucks are needed to carry the load with less fuel consumption.

Flexible packaging stands out on store shelves that attract customers resulting in higher sales.

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