If you are using Ziplock packaging for your products you have many options to choose from such as flat packaging, bottom gusset packaging or side gusset packaging depending upon the nature of your product. Some people say that it does not matter which type of packaging are you using for your product. But indeed it matters a lot on what type of package to use for your intended product so that to squeeze out the maximum benefit.

In this very article, we will dissect gusseted bags vs. flat bags packaging solutions to know more about them.

Gusseted Bags

The very first option is gusseted bags. Gusseted bags have taken modern supermarkets by storm. These bags speak for themselves. These bags have gussets which makes them both stand and expand when filled with the desired product. These bags occupy less space in the store shelf and can also be carried quite easily from one place to another. These bags have more flexibility to use. When used in stores or kitchens, literally you will see less cluttered around.

Flat Bags

The second option is the flat bags. All the edges of the bags are sealed off and cannot stand by itself. These bags offer less flexibility than the gusseted bags and as a result, they are the most space-efficient. The best thing about these bags is they are way more visually appealing than the other options and are great for packing lightweight products such as cookies and popcorns.

Moreover, they are considered more suitable for in-hand purchases. They are prone to damage when transporting around.

Gusseted Bags vs. Flat Bags: Which One to Choose?

We have gone through all the nuts and bolts of the Ziplock packaging solutions but still confused about which packaging solution do I choose?

If you are planning to fill lightweight products then the option of flat packaging will suit you the most. They will offer you more space and an aesthetic look both on the store’s shelves and in the kitchen.

But if you are planning to fill larger quantities of products then perhaps you should go with this option. The best thing about these bags is that they can withstand high temperatures during the shipping journey.


The packaging type plays an important rule when you are dealing with an eCommerce business. So you can utilize both gusseted bags and flat bags for your products. The first is for larger quantities while the latter is for lightweight products. And both will offer you visual and aesthetic look both in the store’s shelves and in the kitchen.


At RubeeFlex we know that while rich, durable materials will protect your products that are not enough to make them stand out on a crowded shelf. For that extra bit of marketing magic, let us design your packaging for maximum impact.

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The packaging industry has flooded the market with a variety of packaging solutions from natural wooden containers to glass jars to plastic bags/pouches/bottles and now ultimately to gusseted bags. The world of packaging is changing and evolving more rapidly than one can imagine. Gone are the days when most of the products bought by customers were packaged and shipped in cloth and wooden packaging. Nowadays you can hardly see those packaging solutions and most modern businesses or supermarkets have abandoned them long ago.
These days you will see plastic packaging almost everywhere and in every business industry from food and drink, to oils and lubes and pharmacy, etc. Plastic has become the darling of the modern packaging industry.
Today many businesses use and prefer gusseted bags or pouches for many advantages they offer over another packaging. Here are in this article we will dissect some of the notable advantages of gusseted bags or pouches one by one.

It Stay Stand Erect

As you know that the bottom of the gusseted bags or pouches is flat that makes them stay stand erect when they are filled with the desired product. When a product is filled in the gusseted bag or pouch it skins to the bottom of the bag or pouch which does not need any external support to stand erect due to its heavy bottom.

It Occupies Less Space

As compared to the other plastic packaging solutions such as packs, jars, and bottles, gusseted bags or pouches take less space both in the store shelves and your kitchen which looks less cluttered.

It is Portable

Gusseted bags or pouches make it very easy to port them from one place to another due to its uniform weight distributions as compared to the other packaging solutions. Both the store owner and consumers can conveniently carry them around.

It Offers Variety

When you are up to select gusseted bags or pouches for your products, literally you will find a huge variety of gusseted flexible bags and pouches. You can choose between an infinite number of sizes, shapes and material selection.


Gusseted pouch bags or pouches are the best solutions for today’s modern business models and supermarkets who want to display their products stunningly on the shelves. So with gusseted bags, they can not only present their products in a visually appealing way but can also reduce the space taken. They can also be taken easily around.

At RubeeFlex we know that while rich, durable materials will protect your products that are not enough to make them stand out on a crowded shelf. For that extra bit of marketing magic, let us design your packaging for maximum impact.

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As you know that gusseted bags are best suited for larger quantities of products, but if you want to improve the product to product ratio of your products gusseted pouches and bags are the number one choice of the business industry. As compare to flag bags gusseted bags are great for lifting larger volume and weight.

However, gusseted bags or pouches have become the recommended stand up packaging choice for most of the brands across the business industry who wants more and more space so that to uniquely showcase their product features such as nutritional benefits and others.

We have already defined what gusset bag is and have also described the advantages of gusseted bags or pouches in detail. But here you need to know a little about it so that to have a view in your mind before delving into the very detail of this article.

So, in a nutshell, a “gusset” is an extra material that is added to a flexible bag or pouch to create an extra bit of more space. And that is gusset is either added to the sides of a bag or pouch or at the bottom of the bag or pouch.

Both of the styles provides an array of added advantages to consumers one over the other.

Side Gusset Bags

Inside gusset bags or pouches, an extra bit of gusset is added to the sides of a bag or pouch which makes it less box-shaped than the bottom gusset bags. Some business owners argue that they do not offer a visually appealing display in the shelf. But still, it proves an ample amount of space for showcasing features and branding purposes. Side gusset bags or pouches are considered great for food items such as dried fruit and snacks.

Bottom Gusset Bags

Compared to side gusset bags or pouches, bottom gusset bags or pouches are super stylish and versatile both in size and shape. They stand tall in the store shelves and showcase a stunning display which attracts the customer’s eyes. Overall, the size of the bottom gusset bags is larger than the side gusset bags even the same amount of product is filled in it. If you are planning to use bottom gusset bags for your products, then you will have both sides of the bag or pouch for your branding and marketing. Bottom gusset bags or pouches are mostly used for coffee, pet food, and confectionery products.


Both bag styles, whether it is sided gusset bags or pouches or bottom gusset bags or pouches are specifically manufactured to meet both your business and product’s needs. If you are dealing dried foods or snacks then side gusset bags or pouches are the best options, and if you are dealing in coffee products or pet food then bottom gusset bags or pouches is the great option.

Are you wondering what is gusset?

The gusset is basically an added material that is used to expand the capacity or volume of the bag.

So gusseted bags can be best defined as they are a type of bags that are expanded by adding extra material on left, right and the bottom of the bag to increase its volume.  They are durable and mostly used for bulky items. They are best for carrying candies, marbles, baked goods and more. The gussets on the side or bottom of the bags allow them to expand and stand. These bags are manufactured from polyethylene that complies with the rules and regulations of the FDA.

Gusseted bags have widely grown in popularity across various business industries due to their flexible, expandable, standable and affordable nature. Today’s industries in the country use these bags for their multitude of advantages.

Gusseted bags can be used almost in any industry from pharma to natural to personal care but they are often used for food and hardware items. They speak for themselves. Literally, there are hundreds of gusseted bags available in the market to choose from that are affordable and best for your wholesale business. These bags have the potential to take your packaging business to the next higher level.

Here at rubeeflexpackaging, we have a wide range of gusseted bags that can truly fulfill your product’s needs whether you deal in pharma, hardware, drinks or food business. Our bags are the most popular one. We offer them in various sizes, styles, and colors with low minimum.

We produce the following types of gusseted bags at rubeeflexpackaging solutions.

  1. Standard bags
  2. Flat bottom bags
  3. Stand up pouch bags
  4. Heavy-duty bags
  5. Clear printed bags
  6. Side gusseted poly bags
  7. Bottom gusseted poly bags
  8. Eco gusseted poly bags
  9. PE bags
  10. Heavy-duty square bottom bags
  11. Coffee bags
  12. Tin tie bags
  13. poly bags