Flexible Packaging Market Size: Flexible packaging is a type of packaging that is made from many layers of plastic, aluminium, foil, and paper so that it can be easily shaped and changed as per the industry changing demands. Stand-up pouches, standing, gusseted and spouted bags are all types of flexible packaging. The best thing about flexible packaging is that they can be resealed, reused and recycled to minimize the waste, reduce the overall weight and extend the shelf life of the products especially the food products. Typically at a very lower cost, flexible packaging can be manufactured with lower warehousing and shipping cost when they are stored or transported from one place to another.

Flexible Packaging Growth Rate & Market Size

Flexible Packaging has shown tremendous growth in the premium packaging industry for the past couple of years. Flexible packaging has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the global business arena for the past 10 to 15 years. Flexible packaging technology has advanced over the past decade, and the consumers are showing so much interest in it due to its economic and eco-friendly nature, and have become a mainstay for many products.

Flexible Packaging Market Size in 2015:

The Global Demand for flexible packaging was valued at 210 Billion Dollars in 2015 according to a new market report by Smithers Pira.

Flexible Packaging Market Size in 2016:

The Global Flexible Packaging market size was valued at 221.82 Billion Dollars in 2016.

Flexible Packaging Market Size in 2017:

The Flexible Packaging Market was valued at 230.97 Billion Dollars in 2017.

Flexible Packaging Market Size in 2018:

Global Flexible Packaging Industry was valued at 231 Billion Dollars by 2018.

Flexible Packaging Market Size by 2020:

The Market is forecast to grow at an annual average rate of 3% reaching 248 Billion Dollars in 2020.

Flexible Packaging Market Size by 2022:

Flexible Packaging Market size is projected to be around 324 Billion Dollars by 2022.

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