As you know that gusseted bags are best suited for larger quantities of products, but if you want to improve the product to product ratio of your products gusseted pouches and bags are the number one choice of the business industry. As compare to flag bags gusseted bags are great for lifting larger volume and weight.

However, gusseted bags or pouches have become the recommended stand up packaging choice for most of the brands across the business industry who wants more and more space so that to uniquely showcase their product features such as nutritional benefits and others.

We have already defined what gusset bag is and have also described the advantages of gusseted bags or pouches in detail. But here you need to know a little about it so that to have a view in your mind before delving into the very detail of this article.

So, in a nutshell, a “gusset” is an extra material that is added to a flexible bag or pouch to create an extra bit of more space. And that is gusset is either added to the sides of a bag or pouch or at the bottom of the bag or pouch.

Both of the styles provides an array of added advantages to consumers one over the other.

Side Gusset Bags

Inside gusset bags or pouches, an extra bit of gusset is added to the sides of a bag or pouch which makes it less box-shaped than the bottom gusset bags. Some business owners argue that they do not offer a visually appealing display in the shelf. But still, it proves an ample amount of space for showcasing features and branding purposes. Side gusset bags or pouches are considered great for food items such as dried fruit and snacks.

Bottom Gusset Bags

Compared to side gusset bags or pouches, bottom gusset bags or pouches are super stylish and versatile both in size and shape. They stand tall in the store shelves and showcase a stunning display which attracts the customer’s eyes. Overall, the size of the bottom gusset bags is larger than the side gusset bags even the same amount of product is filled in it. If you are planning to use bottom gusset bags for your products, then you will have both sides of the bag or pouch for your branding and marketing. Bottom gusset bags or pouches are mostly used for coffee, pet food, and confectionery products.


Both bag styles, whether it is sided gusset bags or pouches or bottom gusset bags or pouches are specifically manufactured to meet both your business and product’s needs. If you are dealing dried foods or snacks then side gusset bags or pouches are the best options, and if you are dealing in coffee products or pet food then bottom gusset bags or pouches is the great option.