Standard and Slider Zipper & Valve Pouches

Standard and Slider Zipper & Valve Pouches

Standard and Slider Zipper & Valve Pouches

RubeeFlex Packaging offers a wide range of sustainable, custom pouches. These pouches are available in various forms, such as Slider Pouches, Zippered Pouches, Valve Pouches, Side Seal Pouches, and Fin Seal Pouches. Most of these pouches are used for edible items. They’re food-safe and non-reactive to food and a large scale of chemicals.

Slider Pouches

Slider Pouches are a preferred choice because they open easily and reclose securely. The assurance of complete closure increases the perceived value and freshness of the contents.

RubeeFlex Packaging has an exclusive range of customization options, from capacity to materials and everything in between. RubeeFlex can design a customized slider pouch to suit a manufacturer’s needs. You can have attractive designs and printing options without sacrificing quality and cost-effectiveness.

Zippered Pouches

Zippered Pouches are “press-to-close” pouches, a cost-effective option for resealable packaging.

RubeeFlex Packaging can incorporate several other features like handles, hanger holes, tear notches, and clear windows. These features help to add value and withstand shelf impact, thereby improving the overall product experience.

These pouches are available with “Powder Zippers”. Powder Zippers are specially formulated to prevent powder from getting stuck in the zipper when a consumer reseals the pouch.

Side Seal Pouches

Side Sealed Pouches

Side Seal Pouches are used for storing edible items, medicines, frozen food, snacks, and more. They can be customized in two, three, and four side-seal configurations, making them ideal for various requirements or contents.

RubeeFlex Packaging offers various combinations for side seal pouches with an option of press-to-close zippers. These pouches are very cost-effective and are chosen for their flexibility of volume and capacity.

Valve Pouches

custom packaging benefits

Valve Pouches are used for storing liquids. A Valved Pouch is a type of stand-up pouch with a capped fitment for easy pouring of its liquid contents.

RubeeFlex Packaging has mastered the valved pouches with an easy twist-to-open cap that can be resealed, keeping the contents fresh for future use. The valve pouches can be designed to hold a gallon of liquid content and are far more durable than plastic sachets or glass bottles.

Fin Seal Pouches

Fin Seal Pouches

A Fin Seal Pouch provides a flow wrapping, either horizontally or vertically, with both edges sealed together.

The Fin Seal Pouches from RubeeFlex Packaging are ideal for powdered or crystalline contents as they can be easily filled on an automated belt. They can also be heat-sealed quickly with a minimum heat requirement and pressure applied to the pouch.

RubeeFlex Packaging’s Sustainable & Flexible Packaging Ideas

With our sustainable and flexible packaging ideas, your consumer-friendly pouches are guaranteed to have an impactful shelf presence. RubeeFlex Packaging has experience producing over 65 million pouches and counting.

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