All You Need to Know about Barrier Bags

All You Need to Know about Barrier Bags

With the increasing use of flexible packaging and flexible films across various industries, manufacturers of consumer goods are trying hard to adapt to new but more innovative ways of packaging that can appeal, protect, cut costs and extend the shelf life of the products especially the food items. So, over the past couple of years, we have seen a tremendous amount of increase in the adoption of barrier bags which has the potential to protect the inside content from oxygen, moisture so that it may not get spoiled. Some of the very common barrier bags available in the market are coffee and slider zipper pouches.

Still wondering what are barrier bags?

Simply put, the barrier bags are bags that are shaped and designed in such a way that the content within the bags stays fresh and protected from dirt, contamination, and vapor. They are usually made of heavy-duty plastic with smell proof properties. These bags are specially designed for food items but not limited to. They can also be used across other industries.

Types of Barriers Bags

There are several types of barriers bags that are used for various needs. Some of the most common types of barriers bags are;

  • Gusseted Bags
  • Clear Front Bags
  • Zipper Pouch Bags
  • Spouted Bags
  • Heat Seal Bags

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