Gusseted Bags

Gusseted Bags

Are you wondering what is gusset?

The gusset is basically an added material that is used to expand the capacity or volume of the bag.

So gusseted bags can be best defined as they are a type of bags that are expanded by adding extra material on left, right and the bottom of the bag to increase its volume.  They are durable and mostly used for bulky items. They are best for carrying candies, marbles, baked goods and more. The gussets on the side or bottom of the bags allow them to expand and stand. These bags are manufactured from polyethylene that complies with the rules and regulations of the FDA.

Gusseted bags have widely grown in popularity across various business industries due to their flexible, expandable, standable and affordable nature. Today’s industries in the country use these bags for their multitude of advantages.

Gusseted bags can be used almost in any industry from pharma to natural to personal care but they are often used for food and hardware items. They speak for themselves. Literally, there are hundreds of gusseted bags available in the market to choose from that are affordable and best for your wholesale business. These bags have the potential to take your packaging business to the next higher level.

Here at rubeeflexpackaging, we have a wide range of gusseted bags that can truly fulfill your product’s needs whether you deal in pharma, hardware, drinks or food business. Our bags are the most popular one. We offer them in various sizes, styles, and colors with low minimum.

We produce the following types of gusseted bags at rubeeflexpackaging solutions.

  1. Standard bags
  2. Flat bottom bags
  3. Stand up pouch bags
  4. Heavy-duty bags
  5. Clear printed bags
  6. Side gusseted poly bags
  7. Bottom gusseted poly bags
  8. Eco gusseted poly bags
  9. PE bags
  10. Heavy-duty square bottom bags
  11. Coffee bags
  12. Tin tie bags
  13. poly bags