The Future of Digital Printing in Packaging

The Future of Digital Printing in Packaging

The packaging industry with the introduction of digital printing has become a dynamic hub of improvements and advances. Technology has allowed major innovations to take place in the industry at a staggering rate. The impact of these innovations is such that it allows changes to take place in the other areas of the company such as the relationship with suppliers, and services provided to customers. The most promising future of digital printing in packaging has been and shall continue to impact is that of personalization. Packaging traditionally was once a non-flexible element in the industry which could not be personalized, but digital printing will continue to revolutionize the packaging of any given product and marketing techniques.

Digital printing is here to stay and has firmly established its roots in the packaging industry. The packaging industry itself is a humongous industry boasting a net worth of more than $420 billion. Within this $420 billion worth industry, the Smithers report has outlined the labels segment to be alone worth more than $13 billion. If we were to compare the net worth in 2013 which was estimated at around $120 billion to have grown to the current mark of $420 shows the viability of this industry and how lucrative it is. The digital label industry was quick to understand the market gap and became a mature sub-sector to establish its domain. Although this sub-sector has reached maturity there is a future for the corrugated, flexible shape and cartons industry which is still reliant on the traditional packaging shapes. A growth rate of 13% is expected according to the report as pushing the net worth of the whole industry to a hefty $22 billion mark in the falling two years.

The industry is expected to bloom in different formats at a rate of 15% growth, which does not apply to the labels industry. The growth within this industry will continue to accelerate due to the possible avenues it opens for emotional engagement, generating larger revenue opportunities, incorporating innovation in the company, possibilities to launch campaigns, evolving business models and provide additional value to the customers. The future of digital printing will also boast of shorter economic runs, that allow for more versions to be produced yet the runs will be economic and provide a high-quality finish for each designated product.

One of the exciting things about digital printing has been the power of engagement which this innovation has provided to companies. Coca-cola was launched “Share a Coke with…” campaign which was made possible due to the power of digital printing in collaboration with different components of the company. Coca Cola was able to customize the labels on bottles, the cans and the skirting which holds the cans together. The ability to launch the campaign at a large scale and still provide the one-off designs was a clear tribute to the efficiency digital printing has provided to the packaging industry. In this fast-paced marketing world where every little element of differentiation is essential, digital print has and will continue to provide relief to companies by allowing both mass customization and versioning.

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