Digital Printing Service

Digital Printing Service

Digital Printing Service

Digital printing process has some advantages over the conventional printing process. The process is done digitally instead of with printing cylinders, which means you don’t need to pay for the one-time printing charges.

This kind of process is in the advantage of clients who are looking for:

  • Smaller quantities of each of their SKU’s, either because they have too many with little SKU’s quantities per SKU and it’s not worth it for them to pay for a set of printing plates on each.
  • Starting a new line, and they are wanting to see the consumer feedback on the recipe to see if any changes on the ingredients are still needed.
  • Pending an FDA, NON-GMO or USDA certification but they want to present it to the market meantime.
  • Wants to see how their customized package is selling with its multi SKU’s before investing in multi-sets of printing plates to cover all.

Digital printing is a systematic process of converting high-quality image right onto the front of the packaging or other media, especially the company’s logo or other graphical content that enhances the company’s brand image in the consumer’s mind.

As there is a famous saying “the first impression is the last impression”, and as a business owner you know that your profitability lies directly on that impression your product packaging creates on the customer’s mind. These can be achieved with digital printing to personalize your product packaging.

It is a breeze for smaller print runs that enables the creation of customized print packaging for your products. Digital printing is absolutely necessary and ideal for the packaging sector these days.

Digital printing enables you to create customized, high-quality printing for your packaging to leave a lasting impression on your consumer’s mind.

Benefits of Digital Printing:

Digitally printed packaging offers a bunch of benefits including brand protection, customization, small batch printing, affordability, higher quality and eco-friendly.

  • Great for Small Batch Printing:

Digital printing is a breeze for small businesses or new startups that can’t afford high costs (in the total dollar amount of their packaging order) due to their limited budget, and therefore they want to print in smaller batches. Offset and flexible printing totally exhausts their budget due to the one-time printing charges as well as the higher minimums, which is quite intimidating for small businesses, and that’s where digital printing come to their rescue.

  • Increased Brand Protection:

Digital printing not only enhances but also protects your brand integrity with its high-quality printing process. It makes it quite easy to protect your brand in a much-crowded market.

  • Greater Customization:

Digital printing lets you create greater customization for your prints than the offset printing since printing each specific products is more affordable than with offset printing. Customized and personalized product packaging increases your brand value in the consumer’s eyes which is great for the course of your long term business goals.

  • Affordability:

Digital printing is affordable especially if you are a small business owner or a new startup with a small and limited budget. Digital printing cost less than the offset printing as per each SKU printing. Digital printing saves you a large dollar amount in the total number which is fruitful for your business.

  • Eco-Friendly:

Despite ink and other chemicals which are used in digital printing it is still eco-friendly and has a positive impact on the environment due to the reduced pre-press procedures elimination. In short, It offers a great alternative to the offset printing since it is both affordable and yet environmentally friendly.