Biodegradable Bags

Biodegradable Bags

Our BioDegradable bags are made with the D2W additive which makes the bag 91% degrade after being on the air for 24 months. It would start to degrade after 18 months and until 24 months it would be 91% degraded and will just be like small crumbs of leaves in the winter months.

According to Wikipedia; every year approximately 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are being used worldwide”, “Biodegradable bags are bags that are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.

Biodegradable bags are made from plant-based additives such as wheat or corn that can be easily absorbed by the earth once used that result in less waste and landfill, while on the other hand plastic bags are made from petroleum which takes a very long time to decompose or break down. Biodegradable plastic bags are the best option as the fast degradation makes it the most eco-friendly product.

Biodegradable Bags Take Less Time to Break Down

Biodegradable plastic bags literally take less amount of time to break and absorbed in the earth as compared to the plastic bags that are made from petroleum.

Takes Less Energy to Produce

Biodegradable bag requires less than half of energy to produce than their non-biodegradable counterparts. It would not be very off to say that biodegradable bags production uses 65 percent less energy than the production of non-biodegradable bags. So it is quite clear that in the same amount of energy more than double the amount of biodegradable bags can be produced.

Can be Recycled for Reuse

Biodegradable bags are recyclable and thus can be reused. AS we know that biodegradable bags are produced from biodegradable materials that breaks at a much quicker rate and is being absorbed quickly in the earth, so they can be reproduced in less energy for reuse.

Biodegradable bags are Eco-Friendly

They release a less amount of greenhouse gas and carbon gases during the manufacturing process that makes it very beneficial to the environment. They do less harm to the earth. Hence, they cause much less pollution to the environment.

Biodegradable bags are non-toxic

They are perfectly safe. They use no harmful materials or chemicals during their manufacturing process but instead uses organic materials that break and is being absorbed fastly in the earth. So these bags are the best option for today’s packaging industry.

Reduces Amount of Waste

Plastic makes up around 13 percent of the worlds waste stream, representing 32 million tons of waste. Only 9 percent of it goes into the recycling programs, and the rest goes to the landfill which takes up a huge space for quite a bit of time. While on the other hand, the biodegradable bags break and is being absorbed in the earth, so it reduces space waste and landfill which eases pressure on the waste stream.

Bottom Line, biodegradable bags makes an excellent choice for the future of this planet. They are not only eco-friendly but are also significant and very meaningful in the world of packaging.

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