8 Reasons To Choose The Perfect Tin Ties Packaging For Your Perfect Bag Of Coffee

8 Reasons To Choose The Perfect Tin Ties Packaging For Your Perfect Bag Of Coffee

Tin ties provide a firm adherence to the top of the coffee bag while closed but allow you to open the bags when needed, making sure the coffee remains completely fresh and fragrant. We have varied color options available in our tin ties that go well with our range of bags and pouches. The adhesive on our tin ties firmly sits on the pouches/bags and allows them to be resealed cleanly without leaving a mess.

Tin ties come in different colors like red, blue, green, yellow, etcetera. They also come in gold and silver for that extra spark. They can be used for coffee and for any food or non-food product to preserve its original form and not lose its freshness.

Our high-quality tin ties for coffee bags seal the product firmly by making sure the tie doesn’t wobble off the bag.

There are plenty of other usages of the tin tie than one can think of. Here are some of the reasons to choose our resealable adhesive tin ties:

1. To decorate it by tying it on top of small bags which will ensure the product in the bag does not ooze out. It can be used for cupcakes, small gifts, party favors, cookies, tea, chips, candies, and what-not!!!

2. Does not require any additional tools to use and can be sealed very easily. The option to peel away the plastic and stick it to your product makes for easier use.

3. The product stored inside the bag remains fresh for long as it does not allow the outside environment like heat, humidity, or cold weather to mingle with the product within the bag that has been sealed.

4. It can be used for nose clips in masks as the masks available in the market tend to be loose around the nose area, causing exposure. The tin tie can be used for this purpose and takes the shape of an individual’s nose, making them feel more comfortable to step outside in the current times.

5. Tin ties are multipurpose, come in a bundle of 100, are cost-effective, and very easy to use. It is worth every penny spent.

6. The tin ties provide a very neat look to the whole product.

7. It increases the shelf life of the product by making sure the product remains in its original form, especially dry foods.

8. The added advantage of using the tin tie is it is very flexible and can be used on different sizes of bags.

Order your tin ties for coffee bags now – for a fresher, cleaner, and neater look – Seal tight, seal nice!!!